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How it works

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  • Real followers’ views (cheap)
  • Views for your reels
  • 24/7 support on WhatsApp
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2 Choose the speed at which you want to receive views on reels

  • Option 1: Get views gradually, naturally, throughout the month
  • Option 2: Receive all views at once, within 24 hours
  • With either option, the first views will start arriving within minutes.

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4 Watch your Instagram grow

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Choose a Plan

Follow Turbo offers packages that will help your content go viral on social media

If you could choose, which of the two options would you have today?

Option A: thousands of people receiving your videos on social networks and increasing interaction with your profile.

Option B: a lukewarm profile, no interaction with the audience, zero contacts from brands or customers.

At FollowTurbo, you'll find ideal Reels views packages to help you increase your engagement and make your content go viral on social media.


The decision is in your hands. With just one click, you can have

  • Increase in your engagement
  • The algorithm will perceive your content as relevant and will distribute it to more users, who will interact with your account and increase engagement naturally.

  • More users know your content
  • The arrival of new users organically will be driven by the strategy of increasing views of your content, which will improve your account's performance for the algorithm.

  • More sales, partnerships, and closed deals
  • Everyone is looking for an engaged profile to hire. It won't be any different with you: brands will notice that your content generates a lot of interaction and will close more deals with you.

  • Profit from your profile on social networks
  • Finally, by improving your engagement, you will be able to profit from your Instagram profile.


Why are the Reels format the best for your profile to grow?

  • Video content is privileged by the Instagram algorithm
  • Videos (especially short ones) benefit from the algorithm, which will distribute your content to more people and with a better reach.

  • Show up even for those who don't follow you
  • Reels appear under the “Explore” tab and have a dedicated button within the Instagram app. The result is your videos reaching people who didn't even know you before.

  • Can go viral quickly
  • Video content goes viral due to the ease and speed of sharing content.

  • Easy to share and interact
  • You can send Reels from a profile you don't even know to your network of contacts - and that's what people will do with your content after many people have already seen it (herd effect).


This is the step by step for you to buy Reels views for your Instagram

  • Choose the package with the number of views you want to have on your Reels
  • Enter the user's @ (that's all, you don't need to pass your password) and indicate the Reels URL that will receive the views
  • Finalize the payment in the way you prefer - credit card, PIX, boleto or direct debit - and in a matter of minutes the views will be available to you
  • As soon as the payment is confirmed, we will leave the contracted views on your panel. Then just direct to the Reels of your choice and wait for notifications to arrive on your Instagram.


Your satisfaction or your money back. The risk is all with Follow Turbo

If you are still not convinced of the importance of accelerating the virality of your content on social networks, we have a proposal for you.

Choose a package, hire, and receive views in a matter of minutes for the indicated Reels.

If you don't like the result, send an email within 7 days to our support and we will refund all the amount you invested.

Either you are satisfied or we will refund 100% of your investment. No error, no catch.


Why buying Reels views can be a good strategy to increase your profile engagement?

A profile with good engagement is capable of improving the results of your social network in an accelerated way.

When the algorithm sees that your content attracts other accounts and promotes a good number of interactions, you can have some advantages, such as:

  • Your authority begins to be recognized
  • Buying views on Reels will allow more users to know your content and this makes your perception of authority start to increase naturally.

    Profiles with a lot of views give the impression of relevance in the content. The more people notice this, the greater your authority in the eyes of the audience.

  • You will close more sales for your business
  • With the purchase of views, more people will receive your content through the algorithm itself, that is, you will have potential customers coming to your social network every day.

  • More brands will look for you
  • The strategy of most brands is simple: the greater the visibility of the influencer, the greater the return on the partnership.

    With your account high because of the views you hired, you will attract more brands interested in hiring you for promotion.

  • Can you make money from social media?
  • Buying Reels views naturally increases your engagement. More people get to know your content and interact with your posts.

    With this, you can use your profile to profit and accelerate your results with social networks.

Reels: a powerful tool to go viral

Surely you've asked yourself “How to make your content go viral on social networks?

And maybe you noticed that there is a similarity in the latest content that went viral on social networks:

They all used the same tool: videos.

Video content tends to be very well accepted by users of social networks: it is a dynamic format, which usually uses music that is popular and can be easily shared with contacts.

So, if you want content that will help you boost your profile on social media, you can bet that reels are a tool that works to increase your engagement.


Waiting for your views to grow organically can take a long time.

Assuming you get 5 views a day organically, you need to wait more than six months to get 1,000 views on your Reels.

So, betting on the organic growth of your profile is not a problem for you if:

  • you are in no hurry to start profiting from your profile;
  • you have the patience to wait for the results you could already be reaping today;/li>

  • you want to rely exclusively on the delivery of your content by the Instagram algorithm;

Now, if your goal is:

  • Accelerate your engagement
  • Profit from your social media profile
  • Having your authority recognized and gaining many followers

So, buying views on Reels is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your Instagram engagement.

At FollowTurbo, our purchase process is 100% secure and with full respect for your privacy. We will never ask for your profile password and you have complete autonomy to hire the package that best fits your needs.

Why do Reels have so much potential to pump a profile?

Reels emerged from Instagram's need to offer a short video tool that could be easily shared and generate a connection with the audience through its more humor-oriented content.

Over time and with people's greater connection through social media, Reels has greatly increased in popularity intending to promote entertainment with the public and increase the number of interactions with content owner profiles.

With an eye on all the visibility that Reels content can bring, many brands are promoting their outreach strategies with this tool, thanks to the quickly generated reach.

When we talk about Instagram, Reels is the resource with the greatest potential to boost the profile growth of a user who wants to reap the benefits of having viral content.

This is because content that goes viral and has many interactions becomes synonymous with trust for the audience, which is always a favorable strategy.

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