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  • Safe purchase
  • Total privacy
  • Without revealing the password
  • star-symbol 4.87 Star rating from consumers

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll choose a plan, make your payment securely, inform your @ on Instagram and that's it. Now just wait for the followers and likes to arrive.

All the followers you will receive are Real followers from your country. Contrary to what other websites do, we will not give you Arabic or Russian followers.

Yes. Even because we will NEVER ask for your password. All we need is your @ on Instagram.

We already served more than 38,000 customers and we have never had any account blocked to this day. On the contrary, the feedback we receive from these people is very positive.

Getting followers naturally can take a long, long, long time. Meanwhile, people who buy followers grow fast and already pass credibility to their customers, partners and admirers. As our system is secure, confidential and already includes likes, you only benefit by buying followers.

We are simply the most loved website by customers. We have a score of 4.9 (the maximum is 5.0). That's because we supply real followers, we have humanized support and we guarantee total satisfaction.

No. We only ask for your username and that means we don't even have control over your Instagram account. You don't need to follow anyone.

No. Your profile needs to be open to receive new followers.

We have no loyalty period or contract clauses to lock you in. You can cancel the service at any time.

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What is the best website to buy Instagram followers

To earn the title of best website to buy followers, this website needs to:

Comparing all the Instagram follower buying websites, you will notice that Follow Turbo is the only one that offers it all together.

We are, for example, the only website that offers the Smart Panel.

While on other follower buying websites you are left in the dark, not knowing the growth rate of your account, here at Follow Turbo you can follow the number of new followers arriving on your Instagram in real time:

We also offer, at no additional cost, the Custom Likes system, which allows you to send your balance of likes to feed posts chosen by you.

On other buy followers platforms, likes go to random posts. Here at Follow Turbo, you can choose which of your posts you want to be popular.

Follow Turbo is the only website that has these features, so we can confidently say that we're the best website to buy Instagram followers (and, considering everything that's included, we're also the cheapest website).

No fakes, no foreigners - buy Real followers

Talk to customers on other websites that sell Instagram followers and you'll notice a pattern: most of these people tell stories of regret because they didn't get followers.

They buy thinking they received real followers and ended up being followed by Arabs, Russians, Indians or fake profiles of any other ethnicity.

At Follow Turbo, we take your engagement seriously. You get exactly what you paid for: you bought Real Brazilian followers, you get Real followers.

We want people to come to your Instagram and see an authentic profile.

Followers + likes = your profile appearing in Instagram Explore

The Instagram algorithm works like this: if a post has many likes, the system understands that it is good content and that it should be shown to more people.

That's where those posts show up in the explore section, reaching thousands of people - and that's where your posts are with Follow Turbo.

Remember: if you buy followers with us, you also get likes.

The result is that your profile is seen more prominently by the Instagram algorithm and you end up showing up to more people.

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Follow Turbo is one of the most traditional companies on the market, with more than 38,000 customers who have already purchased followers safely and confidentially.

Our website is safe and reliable for buying followers because:

You need to know: having served thousands of customers worldwide, we have never had an account suspension.

Our website is trusted to buy followers because it follows international safety standards and is in line with Instagram policies. Buying Instagram followers is reliable and does not block your account.

Is buying followers a crime? The answer is no.

Buying followers is an accelerated way to grow on Instagram cheaply - and that's no crime. Look up any law or even talk to a lawyer and you will hear that buying Instagram followers is legal.

If your question is “will my account be suspended if I buy followers?” The answer is also no. We build our website in a reliable and secure manner, respecting Instagram's limits and guidelines.

There are already more than 38,000 customers and no complaints regarding account suspension for buying followers.

With Follow Turbo, it's not risky to buy followers for your Instagram.

Do you have any doubts?

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If your question is “will my account be suspended if I buy followers?” The answer is also no. We build our website in a reliable and secure manner, respecting Instagram's limits and guidelines.

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