If you’re scrolling your Instagram and you aren’t enjoying it, then you can either change or reset it, learn here how to do it!

Are you tired of seeing the same suggestions of Instagram algorithms and want to reset instagram explore on your phone? 

You are in the right place! In this article we are going to teach you how to reset instagram explore page and get brand new suggestions of photos, reels and videos! 

All kinds of contents are waiting for you, let’s open up for the new! The Internet is huge and instagram gets more and more content creators every day! 

You deserve interesting posts, that you can get inspired by, know a business, a product or even a service! Don’t get limited by the same content, let it surprise you!

How does the Instagram Explore Page work?

It is very simple how the algorithm decides what it is going to be shown to you! Usually they decide to send you a mix between accounts you follow and others you don’t. 

Contents that receive likes from you, hashtags of interesting subjects and accounts with the same group theme can be the ones chosen to be on your explore page, but many times it has a delay and keeps showing always the same content, with nothing new, fresh or interesting that maybe can catch your attention. 

That is the reason why some people want to go to their account and reset instagram explore feed.

How does Instagram decide what posts to display on my Explore page?

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You must be wondering why my instagram explore page reset, when they did it and how do they decide what posts to display on your account explore page. 

All that is decided based on posts instagram believes you would like, because it can check your search history, your likes, and your comments. How much engagement that post has, as how many times it was shared, liked and commented. 

Also the kind of group and post people that you follow like and content you interact the most will help to determine the suggestion posts on Instagram.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Sometimes we are scrolling on phones on the explore page on Instagram and it looks like it was made for us, but after a while, it starts to get repeated. 

Trying to reset instagram algorithm requires you to understand how it works. 

All those instagram suggestions of reels, photos and videos are analyzed by the algorithm. Every piece of content, uploaded by the most diverse creators is analyzed, processed and redistributed for different accounts. 

It considers different signals to decide the most relevant posts for each individual user, such as likes, comments, direct messages, share posts and previous searches.

How does Instagram suggest a post?

Seems like magic, you are on your explorer page and watching exactly what contents you are interested in, just made for you. But the algorithms are behind that.

Instagram suggestions are based on your interaction on the platform social media. Your followers and their content, like you may have distributed, comments on photos, saved posts. After analyzing all of that, Instagram algorithms are going to check new videos, photos, and reels available to send to your explorer page. 

That is called instagram search suggestion and it can get stuck sometimes, needing it to be reset.

Is there a way to see which topics Instagram thinks I’m interested in?

Yes, it is possible to see a list of topics instagram believes you are interested in, sending reels, video, advertisement and photos. 

It is on settings and you can take a look, but you can’t edit the list. That is why many people wonder how to change the instagram explore page. 

But, before clear instagram search suggestions, you can look at the list by going into “settings”, “security”, “access data”, “Ads Interests,” and then click on “View All”. There you can find a long list of topics Instagram believes you like and keep sending content of it.

How to reset the explore page on Instagram? 3 Ways for Iphone or Android

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Trying to reset instagram explore? We are going to teach you how to clear instagram explore page, and get a new start on the suggestions. 

Finally clear instagram search suggestions will be easier than you thought, you just have to follow these fast and simple steps.

Clear search history

Let’s first clear instagram suggestions by clearing your search history. This way, you can reset instagram explore and the same old suggestions that you have seen before or maybe even content that has a similarity of many others you have seen before several times. 

This part is easy and you will just need your phone and a few minutes to go through it. Following those steps you will be able to erase all your previous searches on instagram. 

1. Open Instagram app. 

2. Go to the search bar, clicking on the search icon (magnifying glass) 

3. Click on search again and all your previous searches will pop up 

4. Press X on the right side of every word you have searched recently, and that is it! 

You have completely clear your search history.

Clear Instagram cache

Your device, phone, Ipad or computer has a space called cache that stores some data for a short period of time. That helps with the speed of your device when opening websites or apps, and to avoid consuming too much data when you are using your device. 

Sometimes there is so much information that even the own cache can make your device go slower, so we need to clean it, which is also going to help us with clear instagram suggestions that are already old. 

Let’s clear suggestions on instagram with the following steps:

1. open your account
2. Go to ‘Settings’ on your Instagram’s profile
3. Click on “Security”
4. Click on “Clear Search History”
5. Finally click on “Clear All”. 

And you have finished another step to help you reset your explore page on instagram!

Send signal to algorithm

Instagram has a fascinating algorithm, and the easiest way to reset instagram feed and to change instagram explore page is to send a signal to it, by telling it exactly what you are interested in and what you are not interested in. 

That will help you reset instagram suggestions. Showing what you are not interested in is simple: 

1. Go to your account
2. Click on explorer page
3. Type or find something or content you are not interested in
4. Click on the three vertical dots on the top right side of the page
5. Select “not interested”. 

To show what are the topics you like for the algorithm, you just have to like, save, comment and share the ones that are interesting for you. 

Basically you just have to interact with the ones you would like to see more often on your explore page.


Resetting Instagram explore page is fast and easy! 

You just have to follow these simple steps and get new and fresh suggestions from Instagram, bringing more interesting content and entertainment for your page, enjoying the best of the platform and its several content creators who post new videos every single day!

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