There are several ways to archive an Instagram post. Find in this article ways to do it when you find an old post useless but you don’t want to delete it.    

Instagram is a social network to connect millions of users to throw photos, videos and reels. The platform brings the opportunity to interact with your followers and accounts you follow by liking the content, leaving messages and sending direct messages. 

In this article, we will show you how it is possible to archive and unarchive some photos from your Instagram profile that have already been posted, but for some reason, you believe it is better to hide or unhide from your followers. 

This is an interesting tool the platform brings, that has been helping its users change their themes and topics easily.

What does it mean to archive a post on Instagram?                                                                     

If you have an Instagram account, probably you have already heard of the tool to archive Instagram posts. But, what does archive mean on Instagram? 

It is pretty simple, it means you can hide your photos from your profile and only you can see them, but without having to delete them. You are able to unarchive whenever you want. Instagram archive posts are another way to customize and organize your profile.                                                          

When To Archive A Post On Instagram? 

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Whenever we look at our profiles, there is always something to make it visually better. Archive photos is an option, or maybe other items such as reels or videos. Any archive Instagram posts can help you get the final result you want. 

But what happens when you archive a post on Instagram and when to do it? Find bellow the best tips to help you with those decisions:       

If the post is no longer relevant                                                                  

Do you have any posts that are no longer part of your personality or are not matching with your profile focus anymore? 

Archive on Instagram could be a great solution. You don’t lose that content forever, you just have it on your archive posts on Instagram, and you can find it at any time you want.      

If the post is outdated                                                                      

One of the biggest reasons people have Instagram archive posts is because that content got outdated. It is normal to update your account with new data and sometimes old information should be in the past. 

But, that doesn’t mean you need to delete them. You can just archive Instagram posts and have them without sharing with anyone else.                           

 If the post is sensitive or private                                                                 

Well, what happens if you archive a post on Instagram that has become private or sensitive? You don’t get to lose that memory, but you don’t have to expose yourself to any other person on the internet. You can keep it on the Instagram archive and reach out every time you want to see it.     

If you want to hide the post from your profile without deleting it                                                            

Are you trying to follow a theme or color scheme on your profile but you are not sure how it will look like yet? Maybe choosing to archive photos on Instagram is the best idea! 

Instagram archive posts can help you see how your profile will look, and if you don’t like it, you can always bring it back.     

How to archive Instagram posts?                                                                  

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After you made your decision, it is possible to archive all Instagram posts, you just need to follow these steps: 

1. Open your Instagram and then go to your profile, clicking on the bottom right circle, with your photo on it 

2. Click on posts, to the right of your profile picture 

3. Choose the post you would like to archive 

4. Click on the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) to the right of your post, on the top corner 

5. Select “archive” and your post will disappear from your profile to your followers, being visible only for you. And don’t worry, it is very easy to unarchive a post.     

Advantages of Archiving On Instagram                

If you choose the tool of archive Instagram post or even unarchive on Instagram, you are just maintaining your account up-to-date but also saving your likes and comments on important posts. 

Instagram archive is a way to keep some posts private without deleting them. 

Here are some reasons why you should do it:           

Maintain an up-to-date profile                                                                    

It is interesting to always bring new ideas, designs and even follow trends to help your Instagram grow. 

Archive Instagram posts can help your account look up-to-date, showing that you take care of your profile, letting it clean with just the new data. Archiving Instagram photos that are old can be a good start.

Saving the original likes and comments                                                                 

Even though you thought about archiving photos, or even any other posts you want to archive on Instagram, you still can track comments and likes on your old posts.

Archiving the posts don’t make your likes and comments go away, as would happen if you had deleted your post. You still can see them on the archived item.       

You can hide posts from your Instagram feed without deleting them 

Sometimes we are not so sure if we want to keep or not post on our account. 

There are some archived posts on Instagram that bring good memories and you want to keep them, but you don’t want to show them on your profile anymore. 

It is okay, because you can turn it into an Instagram archive post.

You can store posts in a private archive                                                                 

You can use archived Instagram posts as a storage of content you would like to keep, even if you don’t want to show it to your followers. Now you know what does archive mean on Instagram, and the many reasons you have to start using this tool.        

How to find archived posts on Instagram?                                                             

It is very easy to learn how to see archived posts on Instagram: 

1. Open Instagram 

2. Go to your profile, clicking on your profile picture, on the bottom right corner 

3. Right above your profile picture, click on the three horizontal bars to open a menu 

4. Select “archive” and you will be able to see all the posts that were archived on your account. 

Now you know how to easily find archived posts on Instagram. 

How to unarchive a post on Instagram?                                                                 

As easy as it is to archive a post on Instagram, also it is to unarchive a post. Following these steps, you are going to understand how to unarchive a post on Instagram:

1. Open your Instagram 

2. Go to your profile, clicking on your profile picture, on the bottom right corner 

3. Click on the three lines that are in the top right corner 

4. Select the “archive” on the menu 

5. Choose the post you would like to unarchive under the “posts archived” and click on it 

6. Select the  “horizontal ellipsis” (three horizontal dots) that are in the top right corner 

7. Click on “Show on Profile”. Now you know how to unarchive Instagram posts.

Advantages of unarchive an Instagram post:                                                                      

You can always bring back good posts that are archived that weren’t matching the season or your profile at some point. 

You don’t need to lose your comments and likes, you can easily unarchive an Instagram post and have it back to your feed.

You can unarchive posts at any time                                                          

After learning how to undo an archive on Instagram, you can see how your profile looks without any specific post and then decide if it looks good on your account.

Learning how to unarchive posts on Instagram is a great way to visualize your profile and choose which posts are good for it.

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