Let’s talk about how to grow instagram followers organically! We are going to show you the best 10 ways to get more followers and make your instagram followers list grow very fast, in an organically, natural and discrete way. 

Many times we wish we could have more followers to see our routine, grow our business and even advertise our products or the marketing of our business, making Instagram a tool for your work!

Now, with those tips, you are going to get the best of this social media!

 Want to know how to grow Instagram followers organically? Check this article and learn the 10 best ways.

3 ways to increase instagram followers

The 3 most famous ways of improving your account and making your followers grow on instagram are very different.

First, you could separate some money and buy Instagram followers, paying for this growth with many sites that offer different packages of followers for predetermined quantities of followers.

The second would be pay ads, which is a non-organically way of getting more followers for your list.

The last one and the most authentic is to grow your instagram followers organically, working on your profile and on your content, attracting people that are really interested in them and usually become faithful followers, because they like what they are seeing!

 1. Pay Ads

Gaining more instagram followers is not always that easy. 

One of the options that is used sometimes are pay ads, where you can create your campaign and try to call the attention of future followers, paying other businesses or people to show your campaign, bringing your content out to the world.

This is a non-organically way of calling followers, where one must pay to advertise on other accounts but on the same platform to get more followers. 

This is an investment that is not always needed, if you know all the tips on how to grow your instagram organically. 

2. Buy Instagram Followers

Sometimes the instagram growth is a key action to the growth of a business, a professional account, or a digital influencer.

When you want to grow your instagram in a very fast way, you have the option of buying followers with a professional agency that is specialized in it.

Usually they have different options, bringing a certain amount of new followers for a certain amount of payment. The bigger the payment, the more followers you get.

Even though they try to do it as discreetly as possible, not all the accounts will interact with the profile, giving likes or sending comments on the photos, since it’s not an organic audience that was interested in the content, but it will definitely be the fastest way! 

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3. Grow Instagram organically

The best way to gain instagram followers is to grow instagram followers organically, showing your audience the best content you can. 

Create, compromise with them by always bringing new posts, studying the best time to post and working on your profile and presentation to your potential new followers. 

We are about to show you the best 10 ways of getting new followers without having to pay anything for it, just using your creativity and commitment! 

What is an Instagram growth strategy?

Instagram logo realistc 3d
Glowing Instagram logo on a realistic 3D circle

Managing organic instagram growth demands a good and well-planned instagram growth strategy. 

That means it is necessary to plan beforehand what are the steps necessary to help your profile get more followers, and then execute step by step until you reach your goal number. 

Sometimes planning ahead is the only way you can have a brainstorm, organize all the ideas and finally take action. 

Setting a goal and a time is also important, so you can realize how much extra time and effort you need to put to finally grow your list of followers!

4 benefits of growing your Instagram organically

When you decide to grow on instagram using an organic strategy, you are literally deciding that you are going to enchant your followers and get new ones!

Thich demands work and dedication, but they are also bringing 4 benefits for you in return! 

Here they are:

Increase engagement on Instagram

When you get new followers because they do like to follow your profile, they are going to interact with you and help with your engagement! 

nstagram organic followers usually send likes, direct messages and comment on photos. Besides that they also help your social media interaction be way bigger than a non-organically audience.

Develop brand’s recognition

Many brands try to make partnerships with social media digital influencers or businesses which have profiles with organic followers, because that will help them sell their products or services for real people and on the right group of people that commonly have the same interests as the profile they follow. 

Growing your instagram organically will help bring the right followers to your list.

Decrease the chance to get banned or restricted

When you don’t get organic followers on instagram you have more chances of getting banned or restricted from the platform.

This happens because the social media platform understands that you are using different ways of getting more followers, besides the organic, where your followers could be robots or fake accounts. 

Conquer new customers

Conquering new customers is one of the goals many business profiles have. 

Selling your product on the internet is essential nowadays, because that is what people believe is the easiest way to buy, without needing to get out of the house. 

Having organic instagram growth will help you have new customers!

10 Ways to grow followers on Instagram organically

social media planning

Now let’s talk about why you are here and what really matters! 

Finally we are going to reveal to you the best 10 ways to increase instagram followers, growing your profile followers list and helping your account get way bigger on social media! And of course, with more and more engagement from people each day!

 Following those steps, it will be easier to observe the growth and get all the benefits you can get from it!

1. Optimize your Instagram account

Let’s focus first on how to get organic followers on instagram by optimizing your profile account. 

Bringing new organic instagram followers will be easier if you develop an interesting bio, where they can get to know more about what kind of content your instagram account will bring. 

Matching that with a profile photo that is on the same theme and a link, which they can click and find out more information about you, your business, store or your account theme. That will help organize your profile.

Also, avoiding very difficult names to search for and choosing a professional photo can help with your audience.

2. Make your Instagram name SEO-Friendly

Being able to get more followers on instagram in an organic way can be challenging if you don’t have a SEO-Friendly name. But, what does that mean? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and that helps people find the accounts which bring the content they are looking for, getting the search engines rank the name high. 

So basically, who is looking for your content can finally find you! That technology helps you and your followers connect faster and it can bring your posts way further than you have ever imagined! 

But for that to happen, you have to help a little using a SEO-Friendly name!

3. Write a great descriptive post captions

Having the attention of your followers can be done not only with the images and videos from the platform, but also with creative captions. 

You have decided you want to get organic followers on instagram, you have to explore and enjoy all ways possible and bring great descriptive post captions, so they can read and feel like they want to know more about you, the subject or any theme you decide to bring for your captions! 

Don’t be afraid of using your creativity on this step and enchant your followers using words!

4. Generate organic followers from your email list

Another of the 10 ways to increase instagram followers is bringing them from your email list. 

Many times we have contacts from the past, from previous jobs, school, events and they are usually there, on our list of email contacts, collecting dust. You can use that list to get more followers! 

Sending them your instagram account, inviting to get to know more about your content, with an action button, can bring some organic followers that are really interested in following your content and becoming part not only of your email contact list, but also of your followers list!

5. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

Thinking on how to get more followers on instagram bringing interesting content for them, you can also compromise and schedule posts in advance, at the best time of the day, where most of your followers are probably online to receive that content. 

This is a very smart strategy to help your post reach more people, on the top of the screen roll. 

This strategy can help grow your instagram organically with people that came to you just by looking at the right post at the right time! 

There’s no time to lose, and you can get free after scheduling the post!

6. Use strategic hashtags

Strategic hashtags can bring your post to the right group of posts and accounts, where other people can find your content between other posts with the same hashtag used. 

That can bring new followers that might be interested in knowing more about the subject you are sharing on social media and increasing their curiosity of learning more about your business, store or personal account. 

This way you can make organic instagram growth, just by getting the right hashtag and posting it on your caption, each and every post possible! It will only take a few seconds and it can bring you more followers organically.

7. Engage with your followers

Having a positive interaction with your followers can lead to bringing more followers, interested in having interactions as well. 

Answering their comments, direct messages, opening a box of questions or even commenting on their photos can help them engage on your profile and answer those actions in double! 

People tend to return the comments and likes on a photo to show appreciation! 

This is a good strategy to bring your followers even closer to you and probably get new ones that usually like the interaction and want to participate in this exchange.

8. Engage with others

Engaging with other people on the platform can help you grow instagram followers organically. 

If you start following other people, commenting on their photos, sending direct messages and giving likes on their posts, reels or story, probably that can make them return the favor and try to engage on your instagram as well. 

This exchange of interaction can bring you many new followers organically, that will like your interaction and return it to you! 

Many people are just waiting for others to start! Soon you can have many new followers and it will be a mutual engagement help between your profile and someone else.

9. Post content that followers actually want to see

Understanding and studying what your group of followers wants is essential to make a very interesting instagram account. It can bring you many new followers and help with your instagram organic growth. 

It is your time to follow the theme and bring posts that entertain your list of followers, so they can stay and watch your content for a long time, besides calling new followers that might be interested in your posts.

10. Take steps to delight your Instagram followers

The best way to gain instagram followers is by enchanting and delighting your followers with your posts, photos, reels, videos and stories

Don’t be afraid of using your creativity and knowledge. Having more organic instagram followers can motivate you to bring new and innovative posts, besides making the followers  want to answer and interact with your profile in different ways. 

Becoming an interesting instagram account is essential to keep your audience constant.


Growing your instagram followers list organically will be very easy if you follow those steps and bring your creativity to your profile! 

People like to see authenticity and can definitely bring you more followers than you could ever imagine!

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