Making highlight covers for Instagram is important to catch your followers attention. Choosing the right one will bring them to click on your highlight and see all the content you have exclusively chosen for it. 

Not only choosing the subject and the photos you will show, but also the right cover is essential to keep the aesthetics of your Instagram and give a little hint of what they can find, by clicking on that highlight. Keep reading this article to find new ideas on how to make catchy Instagram Highlight covers and more 8 great tips!

What is an Instagram highlight cover?

Whenever you want to make a group of stories and let them on your profile feed, so your followers can see them always, and not only on the 24 hours the stories are available, you can create a highlight. 

A highlight supports up to 100 stories and it comes with a name and a cover for it. 

The cover will be the first photo that will be shown on a circle miniature on your profile, between your information and your feed. 

Choosing the right photo will bring the highlight subject and show a little bit of what the followers can expect from that group of stories.

How to make highlights on Instagram

If you are wondering how to make highlights on your Instagram, it is pretty simple. You can start a new one directly from your profile. You just have to think about which group of stories you want to show, with photos or videos and wrap them up. 

The highlight will be on your feed and the followers can click on it and watch your content as many times as they want, any day, since it doesn’t go away like regular stories, 24 hours after posting them.

1. Tap on the plus sign from your profile

So to start with, your fist step will be opening the Instagram app. Then you can go to your profile page, clicking on the small photo on the bottom right corner. 

After being on your profile page, localize the plus icon, on the top right corner and click on it. 2. Select Story Highlight

Right after you tap on the plus icon, choose from the options shown “Story Highlight” with a heart around a circle icon. Choose the stories you would like to group. 

They will be shown by date and you can select 100 different ones, from different days. 3. Choose the Story you want to add

Choosing the best pictures for Instagram starts by the moment you post them, but there are always the ones we like the most and we don’t want to disappear after the time stories limit, but also don’t want to post on the feed. 

We can have them, by adding on the highlights. Try to choose a group of stories that bound and bring that specific theme to your highlight.]

various different covers for instagram

4. Pick a cover photo and add a name for your highlight

After choosing the theme you are going to use for your highlight, there are two more important steps: choosing your Instagram highlight icons and the names you want to give to your group of stories. 

That will also help bring to light and anticipate what those highlights will show.

How to create a personalized Instagram highlight cover

If you want to have a unique highlight Instagram cover and can try to personalize it! Using you can use your creativity and create a different highlight cover, helping it to catch the attention of your followers, awakening curiosity and desire, and making them click on your highlight to watch your stories content.

1. Go to

Creating your highlight cover can be so much fun using! 

There are many tools you can use to add sparkle to your photo and make it unique! Your highlights covers will pop out and every follower will want to click on it and see the group of stories you have selected. 

The first step is going to and getting to know the platform.

2. Choose a Canva template

Being on the website, try to choose a nice canva template you like. There are so many options and you can select for your highlight covers for Instagram, and choosing the right one that sticks with the theme choice is an option, but you can also get very creative and let your imagination lead.

3. Edit the text and the colors

One of the features is the possibility of adding texts to your pictures for Instagram highlights. You can choose different lettering and colors to add to it. Instagram highlight covers are small, but you can help them pop up by adding many different nuances and colors to it.

4. Personalize to your taste

Creating a cute Instagram highlight cover will be way easier using the platform The best part is that you can personalize your Instagram highlight icons to your taste, bringing your personality or helping your picture get into the theme chosen for your stories group that you have selected earlier.

5. Add to your Instagram highlight

After personalizing your Instagram highlight, you need to add it to your group of stories to later choose it as the cover for your highlight. In order to do that, the personalized picture needs to be posted as a story, and then be chosen with the group of other stories on the theme you selected.

8 tips for catchy Instagram highlight covers

various covers for instagram

Highlight covers for Instagram need to be catchy if you want to get your audience’s attention and make them feel curious about the highlights groups you have selected. 

Making the highlight cover pictures pop out on your feed will help people get curious about what they show and click on the highlights. 

Doing that can be a little challenging sometimes, since the covers show on your feed page as small circles, but we have brought 8 great tips that will help you with your covers and get your followers’ attention to watch your stories.

1. Stick to the basics

You can try to stick to the basics in your choice and bring an Instagram icon aesthetic that matches your already chosen Instagram themed feed. 

Choosing a picture for Instagram highlights that sticks to your feed aesthetic can be the best choice to keep your profile clean and nice to visit. That will help your current and potential new followers identify your profile esthetic and the style they will find on your stories.

2. Remain consistent

Keeping your feed in order is a good idea to make it nice to the eyes. Remaining consistent on the choices you make for stories group and the covers for highlight will again help you on the aesthetic chosen and show to your followers an organized feed, stories and highlights.

3. Get creative

Exploring your creativity can be a great choice for your highlight covers. You can try to use symbol instagram highlight icons to show the subject of your highlight or specify what your followers will find when clicking the icon cover of your highlight.

4. Utilize a recognizable color scheme

Choosing a color scheme can organize your feed highlights. By adding a color scheme to your Instagram highlight icons, you can organize by color what the highlights will bring and your feed will show a nicer aesthetic to your followers. 

This is a very common tip, used by the profiles that prefer to follow an aesthetic theme on their Instagram accounts.

5. Incorporate visuals

Trying to incorporate visuals is also a great tip if you want to make cute highlight covers. Visuals can address to your audience the specific content you are bringing to your highlight. You just have to add it to the cover!

6. Feature your products

Your covers for highlights can have your products. featuring your products if you are a business account can lead your followers to easily find the right highlight that will bring more details about them. 

Creating one different highlight for each product your business catalog helps you organize and make the right marketing for each product you are showing on your business Instagram account.

7. Emphasize important elements

If you are bringing an specific theme to your covers for highlights, you need to try emphasizing important elements that will help with the exposition of the theme you have chosen for them and show it on your cover, getting your followers to know about what your highlight will talk about, or the subject they will be showing as a selected group of stories.

8. Test out different ideas

Experimenting is really nice, and you can try that tip on your highlight covers for Instagram, testing out different ideas, adding different texts and colors, bringing up your creativity and allowing your imagination to show your personality on your creations.

Trying different ideas can make your highlights covers pop out and bring your followers to click on them.

Wrap Up

After all those tips to help you put the right covers for highlights on your Instagram account, you can easily select the best picture and actually highlight your group of stories, choosing a theme or aesthetic for your profile and highlights combination that best matches your feed. 

Using your creativity and organizing your ideas will bring out the best covers for your highlights. 

Following the steps, you can create new highlights and show your followers your favorite stories, putting them on your profile to be watched as many times as they want and with no limitation of hours as regular 24-hour-story.

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