Instagram Shopping has become a game-changer for businesses looking to increase sales and engagement on the platform. 

This feature allows businesses to tag products in their posts and stories, making it easier for users to shop directly from their Instagram profiles. As the trend towards online shopping continues to grow, Instagram Shopping has become an essential tool for e-commerce businesses. 

However, setting it up can be a bit confusing for some. In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Instagram Shopping and how to set it up for your business. From eligibility requirements to step-by-step instructions, we’ve got you covered.

Instagram Shopping: What is it?

Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows businesses to set up an online store within the platform, making it easy for users to browse and purchase products directly on Instagram. 

With Instagram Shopping, businesses can tag their products in their posts and stories, and users can tap on those tags to see product details and pricing, and then proceed to purchase within the app. 

This feature provides a seamless shopping experience for users, as they can discover new products and shop without ever leaving the app. 

For businesses, Instagram Shopping offers a powerful tool for promoting their products and reaching a wider audience. By setting up an Instagram Shop, businesses can expand their reach, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

What is the importance of Instagram shopping to business?

Instagram Shopping is highly beneficial for businesses as it offers a seamless shopping experience for their customers on the platform. 

With Instagram Shopping, businesses can tag their products in their posts, stories, reels, and even on their profile, making it easier for their followers to discover and purchase their products directly within the app. This reduces the need for customers to leave the app to complete a purchase, increasing the chances of conversions.

Moreover, Instagram Shopping provides businesses with valuable insights such as the number of taps on their product tags and the amount of revenue generated, which helps them make informed decisions about their social media strategy and product offerings.

How to set up Instagram Shopping

Setting up Instagram Shopping is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps. First, you need to make sure that your Instagram account is converted to a business profile and that your business is eligible for Instagram Shopping. 

Then, you’ll need to connect your business’s Facebook Page and set up your product catalog in Facebook Business Manager. Finally, you can enable Shopping on Instagram and start tagging your products in your posts and Stories.

In the following sections, we’ll provide a more detailed guide on how to set up Instagram Shopping, including tips on how to optimize your product listings and make the most out of this feature. So, keep reading to learn more!

1. Check Your Eligibility

Before setting up Instagram Shopping, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Instagram has specific requirements for businesses to qualify for this feature. 

Firstly, you must sell physical goods that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies. Secondly, your business must be located in a supported market. Thirdly, your Instagram account must be converted into a business account and connected to a Facebook page. 

Lastly, your business must comply with Facebook’s commerce policies.

To check your eligibility, go to your Instagram profile settings, click on Business, and then click on Shopping. Instagram will review your account and inform you whether you are eligible for the feature or not.

If you are not eligible, you can still promote your products on Instagram using other features such as Instagram Ads, but you will not be able to use Instagram Shopping. However, if you are eligible, then it’s time to move on to the next step and set up Instagram Shopping.

2. Create a Product Catalog

To set up Instagram Shopping, the next step is to create a product catalog. A product catalog is essentially a list of all the products you want to sell on Instagram, including details such as images, descriptions, and prices.

There are different ways to create a product catalog, but one of the easiest is through Facebook Business Manager. You can upload your products using a data feed, which is a file that contains all the necessary information for your products.

Once your product catalog is set up, you can use it to tag products in your Instagram posts and stories and also set up a Shop section on your Instagram profile. This makes it easier for users to discover and purchase your products directly from Instagram.

3. Connect Your Instagram Business Account to Your Facebook Page

To set up Instagram Shopping, you need to connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook Page. This is necessary because Instagram Shopping is powered by Facebook’s product catalog feature.

To connect your accounts, you need to make sure that your Instagram account is a business account and that your Facebook page has been published. Then, go to your Instagram profile, tap on the three lines in the top-right corner, and select Settings. From there, select Business, then Shopping, and tap Continue.

Instagram will ask you to review and accept the merchant agreement and connect your Facebook page. 

If you have multiple Facebook pages, make sure to choose the correct one. Once you have connected your Facebook page, it may take a few days for Instagram to review and approve your account for Shopping.

4. Add Product Tags to Your Instagram Posts

Once you’ve set up your product catalog and connected your Instagram business account to your Facebook page, the next step is to add product tags to your Instagram posts. 

This will allow your followers to tap on your posts and see product details, including price, description, and a link to your website where they can make a purchase.

To add product tags, go to the post you want to tag and tap Tag Products. Select the product from your catalog that you want to tag, and place the tag anywhere on the photo. You can add up to five product tags per post.

It’s important to note that to use product tags, your Instagram account must be approved for Instagram Shopping and your products must comply with the platform’s commerce policies. 

Additionally, you can only tag products in posts that feature physical goods, not digital products or services.

5. Add Product Tags to Your Instagram Posts

Once your product catalog is approved, you can start tagging your products in your Instagram posts. To do this, you’ll need to switch to a business account and enable the shopping feature.

When creating a new post, you’ll see an option to tag products on the screen where you add captions and locations. Simply tap on the Tag Products button and select the product from your catalog that you want to tag.

You can tag up to five products per image and up to 20 products per carousel post. Make sure the products you tag are relevant to the content of your post and not too distracting.

When users tap on a product tag, they’ll see a detailed view of the product, including its name, price, and description. From there, they can click through to your website to make a purchase.

Adding product tags to your posts is a simple way to make your products more discoverable and drive sales through Instagram.

6. Wait for Approval

After completing the previous steps, you will need to wait for approval from Instagram. The approval process can take a few days or up to a few weeks, depending on various factors. 

During this time, Instagram will review your account to ensure that it meets all the eligibility criteria for Instagram Shopping.

Once your account is approved, you will receive a notification from Instagram. You can then start tagging your products in your posts and stories, making it easy for your followers to shop directly from your Instagram account.

It’s important to note that Instagram may periodically review your account to ensure that you are still following their guidelines. If they find any violations, they may revoke your access to Instagram Shopping. 

So, make sure to follow their policies and guidelines to maintain your eligibility and continue to benefit from the platform.

7. Start Selling

Congratulations! You have successfully set up Instagram Shopping for your business. Now it’s time to start selling. Once your account is approved, you can start tagging your products in your posts and stories. 

Your followers will see a View Shop button on your profile, where they can browse your products and make purchases directly on the app.

Make sure to keep your product catalog updated and engage with your audience by answering their questions and sharing user-generated content. You can also use Instagram’s advertising features to reach a wider audience and promote your products.

Remember to track your performance through Instagram Insights and adjust your strategy accordingly. Keep testing different types of content and product placements to see what works best for your business.

Start Selling, and now?

Once you have completed the setup process and received approval, you can start selling your products on Instagram. 

To maximize your sales, you should focus on creating visually appealing posts, using relevant hashtags, and leveraging Instagram’s various features such as stories, reels, and IGTV. Additionally, you can run targeted ads to reach your ideal audience and drive more sales.

In the following steps, we will delve deeper into how to optimize your Instagram Shopping experience and increase your sales potential.

 From creating eye-catching content to analyzing your performance, we will cover all the key aspects of successful Instagram selling. So, keep reading to learn more and take your Instagram shopping game to the next level.

5 Tips for promoting your Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping can be a powerful tool for businesses, but simply setting it up isn’t enough to ensure success. To truly take advantage of the feature and drive sales, it’s important to promote your Instagram Shopping to your audience. Here are five tips to help you do just that:

Use Instagram Ads: Instagram ads can help you reach a wider audience and showcase your products to potential customers.

Use Instagram Influencers: Partnering with popular Instagram influencers can help increase your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Use Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories provide a fun and engaging way to showcase your products and drive traffic to your Instagram Shop.

Use Instagram Live: Hosting a live event on Instagram can help you connect with your audience and promote your products in a more personal way.

Use Instagram Shopping Tags: Tagging your products in your posts and stories makes it easy for customers to shop directly from your Instagram profile.

In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into each of these tips and explore how you can use them to effectively promote your Instagram Shopping.

1. Use Instagram Ads

Using Instagram ads is a great way to promote your Instagram Shopping and reach a wider audience. With Instagram’s ad platform, you can create targeted ads that reach your ideal customer based on factors like location, interests, and behaviors. 

You can create different types of ads, such as images, videos, carousels, and collection ads, and customize them to fit your brand and products.

To create Instagram ads for your Shopping posts, you need to set up a Facebook ad account and connect it to your Instagram Business account. 

From there, you can choose the type of ad you want to create and select the Shopping post you want to promote. Instagram ads allow you to add a call-to-action button like Shop Now or Learn More to your ad, encouraging viewers to visit your online store and make a purchase.

In the next sections, we’ll dive deeper into the other tips for promoting your Instagram Shopping, including using Instagram influencers, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and Instagram Shopping tags.

2. Use Instagram Influencers

One effective way to promote your Instagram Shopping is by partnering with influencers on the platform. Influencers are individuals who have established a significant following on Instagram and are trusted by their audience. When influencers endorse your product or service, their followers are more likely to trust and buy from you.

To find the right influencers for your brand, start by researching accounts within your industry or niche. Look for accounts that have a sizable following, high engagement rates, and a similar target audience as your brand. 

Once you’ve found potential influencers, reach out to them and propose a collaboration that involves them promoting your products on their account.

When working with influencers, it’s important to set clear expectations, provide them with high-quality product photos or videos, and compensate them fairly for their services. By partnering with the right influencers, you can increase brand visibility and drive sales for your Instagram Shopping.

3. Use Instagram Stories

One effective way to promote your Instagram Shopping is by using Instagram Stories. With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram Stories offer a great opportunity to showcase your products and drive sales.

 Here are some tips for using Instagram Stories to promote your Instagram Shopping:

Use eye-catching visuals: Create visually appealing Stories that will capture the attention of your audience. Use high-quality images or videos that highlight your products.

Include product tags: Add product tags to your Stories so that viewers can easily shop for your products. Make sure to include a clear call-to-action that encourages viewers to click on the product tags.

Use interactive features: Instagram Stories offer various interactive features such as polls, quizzes, and questions that can help increase engagement with your audience. 

Consider using these features to promote your products and gather feedback from your audience.

Utilize Stories highlights: You can create Story highlights that appear on your Instagram profile, allowing viewers to easily access your products. Consider creating highlights that showcase your different product categories or collections.

In the next topic, we will discuss how to use Instagram Live to promote your Instagram Shopping.

4. Use Instagram Live

You can showcase your products more engagingly and interactively to your audience. You can demonstrate how to use your products, answer questions in real-time, and even collaborate with other influencers or businesses to increase your reach.

To use Instagram Live, simply tap the camera icon in the top left corner of the Instagram app and swipe to Live. Make sure to promote your upcoming live event ahead of time to attract a larger audience. During the live session, use Instagram Shopping Tags to showcase your products and encourage viewers to make a purchase.

Don’t forget to save your live videos and add them to your Instagram Stories or IGTV to ensure that they are available for your audience to watch even after the live event is over.

5. Use Instagram Shopping Tags

Using Instagram Shopping Tags is one of the most straightforward ways to promote your products and encourage customers to make a purchase. 

Once you have set up Instagram Shopping on your account, you can tag your products in your posts, making it easy for users to tap on the product and view its details.

To maximize the use of Instagram Shopping Tags, it is essential to tag products in high-quality images that showcase your product’s unique features. It is also important to include engaging captions that describe the product and provide useful information to the audience.

Moreover, you can use Instagram’s product stickers in your stories, which function similarly to Shopping Tags in posts. The stickers allow users to tap on the product and view its details without leaving the app, making it more convenient for potential customers.

Wrap up

In conclusion, Instagram Shopping can be a game-changer for businesses looking to increase their online sales. By following the steps outlined in this guide, setting up your own Instagram Shop is straightforward. Once you have set up your shop, it is important to promote it using various techniques, such as Instagram ads, influencers, stories, live videos, and shopping tags.

 By doing so, you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of making sales. 
Keep in mind that while setting up and promoting your Instagram Shop can take some effort, the potential benefits to your business are well worth it. So why not give it a try and see how it can help you grow your business on Instagram?

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