If you ever wonder if the person from the other account is going to find out that you are taking a screenshot Instagram of your conversation, feed post, highlight, or of their post or story, I have good news for you: the person will not know. 

By reading this article you will understand better how it works and the right way to do it, so you can actually take a screenshot without Instagram notifying the other person’s account. 

It is important to be careful, because not everyone wants their conversation or direct message to be screenshot and shown to someone else or even saved in your device. In this article we will help you be discreet and get your screenshot.

How to Take a Screenshot of an Instagram Story?

Are you thinking “How do I take a screenshot?” It is super easy! 

You just need to learn how to do it on your device. Most IOS devices usually are by holding the turn of button and the volume button for a second together. 

It will show the photo and the option of saving or deleting it, as much as editing the photo. If you just want to save it, slide to the left. 

If you have an Android device, hold your turn off button and volume down button together for a second. You will have your screenshot and the options of saving or deleting it as well.

Why You Might Want a Screenshot of an Instagram Story?

man watching an instagram video on his smartphone

Taking a screenshot Instagram of a story might be nice because all stories disappear in only 24 hours and you can not see them again. 

If you want to have that photo or video image on your device to look at as many times as you want, the only option is to take a screenshot, unless you ask the person who posted it for the original story. 

People usually post on stories because they know the content will disappear fast and usually they don’t want the post to be out for more than that time, so sometimes your only option will be the screenshot.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

Instagram notifications about screenshots are only a reality if you screenshot a direct message or video. If you are wondering “Does instagram notify you when you screenshot a story?” I am afraid the answer for your question is no. 

Instagram notifies the person on the direct message, by adding a little circle icon next to the photo sent, if you decide to use the option “view once” or “allow reply”. 

If you decide to click on “keep in chat” the photo will be shown regularly on your chat and even if the person takes a screenshot, it won’t be notified. 

After those two exceptions on your direct messages, sending a direct photo or video that vanishes after one or two views, you are free to take as many screenshots as you want.

Alternatives to Instagram Story Screenshots

Screenshot Instagram were once notified to the Instagram profile owner by a little time in the year of 2018, and everyone had to get creative with their options on how to do it without getting caught. 

If you want to learn creative ways of how to take screenshots of Instagram stories if that ever happen again and the platform changes their configuration, or even take screenshots from the disappearing photos sent on your direct messages, keep reading our tips:

Share The Story

You can share the story with the person you can to show it by sharing the profile. 

You can’t directly share the story itself, but if you like the content of that creator, you can share their profile and then the other person that you want to see the story can watch the story by itself, if the profile is not locked. 

This is a good option where you don’t have to actually share the screenshot, just share the Instagram account.

When does Instagram Notify about Screenshots?

Can people see if you screenshot their instagram story? 

They can’t, but there is an exception. By sending direct messages, you can send a direct photo or video, and choose to be seen only once or twice. When you go to your direct message, on the left bottom corner, there is a camera icon. 

By clicking on it, you can take a photo or video and send it as a direct message to be seen once, choose “view once” or twice, choose “allow reply”. 

If a screenshot of those is taken, Instagram will put a circle icon right next to it, so you will know the other person took a screenshot. If you go with the option “keep in chat”, the person can take screenshots and you won’t be notified.

Ways to Take a Screenshot of an Instagram Story

hand holding smartphone with reels

If you want to learn new and creative ways on how to take a screenshot without letting the other person gets an Instagram screenshot notification of the direct messages photos and videos received, or maybe for the future, if Instagram decides to show again if you take a screenshot of other people’s story, keep following our tips and learn new tricks on how to do it and don’t get busted by the other profile:

Take a photo of your phone screen with another camera

Screenshotting instagram stories and direct messages without getting caught? The perfect option is to take a photo of your phone screen with another camera. 

You can ask a friend to use their phone’s camera and take a photo of your screen right when you are seeing it. 

You have to be fast, because it will disappear fast, but then once you take the photo, you can send it to you after. Using a digital camera is also an option, and you can take a photo of the screen.

Use airplane mode

How about using airplane mode to do this? You can put your device in airplane mode and open it. 

Since you are not connected to the internet, you can try screenshotting instagram stories and direct messages photos and videos, and it won’t appear to the other person, since your device is not connected to the internet and not sending new activity information from your account to Instagram.

Open Instagram in your web browser

Another option to take a screenshot story on instagram or on your direct messages is to open Instagram in your web browser. 

This is a great option, since Instagram has once started to be a social media accessed by the computer, so it does work perfectly there too. 

You can log in to your account, go to the specific content you want to take the screenshot and press the print-screen button to take a photo of your computer screen.

Use a Screen Recorder

You can use a screen recorder app to screenshot stories on instagram or direct messages, videos and photos sent by other profiles. By recording your screen, you can open the Instagram app, see your specific content and then stop your record. 

You will have your image to look as many times as you want saved on your device, without the other profile being notified about it.

Use Video Downloader for Instagram on Android

Video Downloader for Instagram, used in Android devices is another option you can go with. After logging on your Instagram account, this tool shows you easily and fast how to download or bulk download stories before asking for permissions on your phone. 

So after that, you will have access to the home and browser tabs, and you can start downloading new Stories.

Take Advantage of Story Saver for Me on iOS

The best tool on iOS devices to take instagram screenshots is probably Story Saver for me. 

You don’t even have to login in your Instagram account to start using it. You can even browse anonymously on public profiles on Instagram. 

Searching for accounts is also easy, you just have to click on the Search tab and enter the username you want to find.

Just Use a Camera

That is probably the best trick you can use! Just use a digital camera and take a photo of your cell phone screen. Just like a screenshot, you can click on it exactly when it shows the content you would like to keep and have it forever to look at as many times as you want, without sending any instagram notification for the other profile.

Final Thoughts

It will be easy to screenshot instagram stories and direct messages, videos and photos now, by using those many tips. You just have to choose one that you like the most and it is more convenient for you. Avoiding Instagram notifications of screenshots can help save you from embarrassing situations, and you will also have the picture you want to keep to look at as many times as you want.

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