In this article we will talk about how to get more views on Instagram stories and several ways to engage with your public and make them feel that you are a close friend of your followers.  

It’s normal to see your views dropping over time, if you don’t use the right strategies to entertain, make your public feel close and interactive with your content.  

But don’t worry, we are here to make you understand how to get more views and make them be consistent on instagram stories

What are exactly Instagram stories?

Instagram Stories are contents that disappear in 24 hours. But If you want to have your Story content for more than 24 hours, it’s easy, you just need to include them in the “Highlights” and they will show in your profile. 

You can share multiple photos and videos at the same day, but Instagram has a limit of 100 posts in a day. 

If you’re trying to learn how to get views on Instagram, the first tip is to avoid posting more than 10 stories a day. Otherwise, your views are going down due to the fact that attention retention drops after each new story.  

Why is it important to post stories?

It’s important to build a close relationship with your followers, because with everyday posts you can keep your audience engaged, even without posts on feed. 

Instagram stories are like talking with your best friend; you can ask what your followers feel directly, can make jokes, quizzes, polls, and get instant feedback about products, services. 

Depending on your objectives with Instagram, you can be a ‘’favorite profile’’ for your audience and your content can be seen first for that number of people that are interactive and feel closer to you or your brand on Instagram. 

The favorite profile is a new way to give Instagram users more power overwhat this social media will show at their profiles. Now the user can filter there feed with 2 different ways: favorite profiles and following

If you can create a good content strategy, you can be part of a favorite profile for your audience and your views are guaranteed for these people.

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8 Instagram Stories Tips

To help you become a favorite profile for your public, we have separated 8 Instagram story tips, especially so that you always have a large number of views and consequently build this important strong relationship with your followers,gaining fans for you, your brand or your business. 

1. Getting instantaneously feedback

Getting instantaneous feedback on Instagram is a very good way to learn how to get instagram views, because when you hear about what your followers think about your content you can get more views. 

Learn what your customers like to see in 25 hours of stories. It’s even more interesting than a permanent feed post, as in stories you can interact directly with them. 

2. Share exclusive content on your stories

It is a marketing strategy that can be used by you. Especially if you share something useful or really interesting on an Instagram story for your audience, showing it first on stories can make your views grow in a day. 

Try to post something exclusive, like a discount code, a tutorial or a new point of view that you never talked about on your profile before – of course think about your audience before the post. It needs to match the content in your page. 

Instagram story views are like Instagram reels views, if you have the correct strategy, your success guaranteed. 

3. Use pool stickers to ask questions and play games

Another amazing way to explain how to reach more people on Instagram is using stickers. The more you use the setting that Instagram makes available to interact with people on social media, the better to reach more people on Instagram. 

Ask creativity questions, play guessing games and enjoy this Instagram setting to always interact with your followers. 

4. Highlight your best stories by category

As we said at the beginning of the article, it’s possible to create highlighted categories on your Instagram profiles. follow step by step about how to do that: 

  1. After posting an Instagram story, click oh highlight below your cell phone screen. 
  2. Then you need to create a highlight at the button ‘’+’’
  3. Choose a name for your highlight – take care with the name because is showing on your profile 
  4. Click on ‘’add’’ 
  5. It’s on your profile! 

“How to get more story views on Instagram” is not the same question as one wanting to talk about “highlights”.. The highlights strategy is more about building your personal brand or helping your audience to find something important to them in an interactive way.

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5. Post on a good frequency

To a good Instagram reach or your account reach, never forget to post with frequency, let your Instagram followers know that you are coming back everyday to show more about your services, products, even your routine. 

This way they will always be curious about your post stories. 

6. Try using Instagram’s feature: Close friends

To reach the right people for your account. you can try adding some of your Instagram followers to an exclusive circle of people and always bring exclusive content for them. 

The green around your story always catches more attention than other Instagram accounts. 

7. Become reachable

You must be sure to respond to every interaction that you have on your Instagram account to get more views on your story or other contents, which can make Instagram reels views growing up for example. 

Why? Because people like to interact with people, if you don’t respond to an interaction on Instagram, it can discourage other people from talking with you, because they will think that you are rude or difficult to make contant. 

Remember, more interaction means more views. 

8. Organize your stories

To get success with your Instagram exposure on a story is important to be organized. Like cinema histories, every time we have a beginner, middle and end. 

You need to think the same with your Instagram stories strategies. 

Think to tell your brand history for your followers, follow some questions to help you: 

  • Who is your brand? 
  • Do you have some difficulties? 
  • What can you do to help people overcome their difficulties? 
  • What Can I learn with your brand? 
  • Why are you participating in this event? 

Choose a routine

Try to show your routine! Every day you have something important and different to share – about your job, your business, your life, your family, it’s depedens about the purpose of your Instagram account, but we are sure that the best way to get more views on instagram story is more about your real life than trying to show something that don’t exist for your audience.

Schedule your stories

A new post on Instagram story can get more views if you have consistency and post everyday at the same time, with the same kind of content.  

Why? Because, in this way, you are teaching your audience to see your stories at the same time everyday, with the content that is more interesting for them. 

Example of schedule stories: 

  • Say good morning 
  • Story at gym 
  • Breakfast picture 
  • Tutorial about how to prepare a healthy breakfast 
  • Importante works 
  • Making lunch 
  • Tea time 
  • Finishing work with amazing results 
  • Good night 

Think about good quality content

Your content must be relevant for your followers; if it is not, they will easily decide to unfollow you.

Instagram story ideas for photos, videos or any content that Instagram allows to post is always thinking about what is important to your audience at this moment, they must make sense. 

To help you to make the right decision about content on Instagram story, ask yourself: 

  • Why do these people follow me? 
  • What do they like about myself and my content? 
  • I’m having success with my Instagram stories objectives? 

After answering these questions we are sure that you will find the right and quality content to engage with your audience at Instagram stories. 

Add an extra story before the end of the day

Our last tip about the question ‘’how to get more story views on instagram?’’ is: add a news story at 22/23 hours, right before the rest of our stories expire, give them an extra boost on Instagram story views. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, what is reached on Instagram? Especially when we think about getting more views on Instagram stories? 

Everything is about strategy, before thinking about the views, you must to think about: 

  • What history do you wanna tell your audience? 
  • What do they need to do about me and my brand? 
  • What is my objective with Instagram story? 

After answering these questions, remember people like to see stories of real people, routine, news, interactive with questions, games, trips and events that they don’t could to go to, etc. 

Don’t be shy, show yourself, tell stories, be creative and interact with people. These are the most important things to be successful at your stories strategies. We are sure that you will see your views growing up soon. 

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