Bringing some new and interesting content for your Instagram is not always that simple and easy… but what if your followers could interact directly with you and tell exactly what they would like to see on them? Maybe even answer any other questions you have. 

The box of questions on Instagram is a great tool that you can use to interact with your followers and make your stories’ views increase fast

But what exactly is it? Here you are going to find the best instagram questions for a story and how to make them to your followers.

How to ask questions on Instagram Stories

If you are wondering how to ask questions on instagram, don’t worry, it is pretty simple. 

Instagram questions just need to be interesting so your audience can really reply to you and you can post their answer back. That is probably the funniest part! 

You can use the question sticker to make a question and leave it to be a free answer, you can make a This or That question, asking them to choose between two options, or you can even put more options in a poll sticker and ask them to choose their favorite! 

We are going to teach you how each one of them work and how to put them on your Instagram story.

How to ask with the question sticker on Instagram

Let’s start with how to ask questions on Instagram using the question sticker. 

1. First, open your Instagram, go to your stories and choose a photo or video to be your background. 

2. Click on the square face icon, on the right top, and choose the “question” sticker, on the sticker tray.

3. Type your question. You can also customize your question sticker by changing the color, tapping on it and them on the colorful circle on the page top. When you choose the right color, just click on “Done”. 

4. Choose the position of your sticker on your story. 

5. Post your story with the question and then get the answers!

How to ask with a polling IG Story sticker

Following the Instagram stickers, let’s use the poll sticker to make different questions.

1. Open your Instagram and choose a photo or video for the story background.

2. Clicking on the square face icon, choose the “poll” sticker.

3. Type one of the instagram questions for a story on the box “ask a question”. You can either go with the answers “Yes” and “No”, or you can tap on them and write specific answers.

If you want to add another option of answer, just click on “Add another option”. You can also customize this sticker color. Once you finish, just click on “Done”. 

4. Choose a sticker position on your story, post it and wait for the answers!

How to answer several questions at once in IG Stories

Let’s learn how to ask questions on instagram, by putting several answers at once: 

1. First, swipe up to your question story and find your Instagram Story Question box answers. 

2. Choose one answer and click to share it. 

3. Choose a design for your Instagram Story with the answers. 

4. Click on the “Save” button. 

5. Tap on the “x” button and exit the story. 

6. Choose another answer to put in your story.

7. Upload the image of the first answers you already saved

8. Choose the position of your second answer on the screen

9. Repeat the same process and add more answer to your story

Questions to ask on instagram story business posts

If you want to make the right questions for instagram stories as a business, here are some ideas to help you out: You can try an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to let your audience free to ask you the questions. 

Also, try to learn what they like and their habits. What are their favorite products? Where do they like to shop? What kind do they prefer? And the best tip to help your business is asking for feedback. 

Let them tell you what exactly you can do better and help them shop more with you.

Questions to ask on instagram stories for fun

question box on instagram

Let’s have some fun now! How about questions for Instagram stories to have some fun with your followers? 

Start with an AMA (Ask Me Anything) and let your followers free to ask you anything. 

Second, you could try asking for suggestions, such as places to visit, songs to listen to and movies to watch. 

Lastly, you can ask for advice in some situations. You may find it hard to make a decision. Maybe they can help you with a tie.

Ask me a question instagram ideas

Some other ideas can also be fun, and we will show you some questions on instagram ideas! The best questions to ask on instagram story as Q&A are: 

1. Random questions. Let them free to make you AMA. 

2. Let your followers guess your favorites by using a poll sticker with only the right option. 

3. Learn about your followers and what they like to see in your stories, by asking them what their preferences are.

Funny questions for your Stories on Instagram

Instagram story questions can help you and your followers have some fun together. We have some ideas for the funniest poll questions, just keep reading:

1. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

2. What age would you like to have?

3. What is your favorite vacation place? 

4. Tell me what is your spirit animal?

5. What is your funniest story? 

6. What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever purchased?

7. Describe yourself in one word.

Questions for bloggers pages

Find some other ask me a question Instagram ideas for bloggers pages:

1. 3 best editing photos app.

2. What is the story of your blog?

3. Tell me the best tip for new bloggers.

4. Who is your inspirational blogger? 

5. Which is the best store to buy clothes on Instagram?

6. Your 5 favorite blogs on Instagram.

7. How to monetize using Instagram?

8. Which phone is better to use as a blogger?

Instagram Story questions for girls

These are the best Instagram story questions ideas for girls.

1. What kind of people do you avoid?

2. Do you have more new or old clothes in your closet?

3. What is your favorite song?

4. Do you prefer a house or apartment?

5. What is your life dream? 

6. What is the last thing you bought?

7. What do you do in your free time?

8. What language do you want to learn?

9. What is the last photo you took with your phone?

Instagram Story questions for guys

Questions for instagram story made for boys usually can be game Instagram questions or sport ones. 

1. What is your favorite sport? 

2. What routine do you follow every day? 

3. How many followers have you already met in real life?

4. What is the best thing that have happened this week?

5. Who is your best friend?

6. What perfume do you like to use daily?

This or that questions

This or that ideas questions can be great on your Instagram stories to help your audience to interact with you in a faster and easier way! 

They just have to choose between the answers you will already give them on the poll sticker. We have selected to the rest of this article some of the best questions to ask on Instagram story as this and that options. 

Find it bellow:

Funny this or that questions

Here are some questions to ask on instagram story for girl as a funny section: 

1. Do you prefer to make a voice to talk with pets or talking with babies?

2. Do you prefer to win the lottery or find your soulmate?

3. Do you usually test the water or dive it deep?

4. Do you see the glass half full or half empty?

5. Do you prefer to use ketchup or ranch sauce?

This or that questions for adults

Following with our lists, here are some This or that questions for adults:

1. Do you prefer to watch Netflix or HBOMax?

2. Do you prefer night or morning?

3. Do you prefer to sit on the passenger or driver seat?

4. Which one do you like most: art museum or history museum?

5. Do you prefer to ride a car or a bike?

6. Which beverage is your favorite: juice or soda?

7. Do you prefer to feel embarrassed or afraid?

This or that questions for friends

This or that ideas can be awesome. The funniest poll questions are on this following list for friends that we have prepared for you: 

1. Would you prefer to get Tattoos or piercings?

2. What is more comforting: Pizza or Chinese food?

3. Which is your favorite: roller coasters or water slides?

4. Do you mostly receive souvenirs or postcards?

5. Do you prefer to write letters or emails?

6. Which is your favorite: Android or iPhone?

This or that questions for students

Here are some more questions ideas, but for students:

1. Do you prefer to study English or Math?

2. Do you have more fun at Gym or Art?

3. Which one do you believe is more relevant: Science or History?

4. Do you prefer to make art projects for science projects?

5. What is more embarrassing: the teacher reads your text message aloud or the teacher tells the whole class your grade?

6. Do you usually drive to school or take the bus?

This or that questions for work

Find some more questions ideas, but now related to work:

1. Do you prefer to start work late or leave work earlier?

2. Would you rather work from the office or work from home?

3. Do you usually have video meetings or in-person meetings?

4. Do you have a messy desk or clean desk?

5. Which one is worse: angry client or angry coworker?

6. What is harder: physical work or mental work?

7. Are you a leader or follower?

This or that questions for couples

Find here some question for instagram story focused on couples:

1. Are you a dog’s people or cat’s people?

2. Do you have a big family or small family?

3. Did you dream about a big wedding or small wedding?

4. Are you guys always arriving early or arriving late?

5. Do you prefer a night out or a night in?

6. Do you usually eat at food trucks or restaurants?

7. Do you usually go on coffee dates or cocktail dates?

This or that questions for kids

Getting the kids attention can be easy, if we start with some game Instagram questions:

1. Do you prefer to play with puppies or kittens?

2. Would you rather have dragons or unicorns?

3. Would you play in outer space or at the bottom of the sea?

4. Do you usually run or walk when playing?

5. Which ones are your favorites: toys or candies?

Final Thoughts

Using this and that questions for story can help get fast information about your followers and also have fun with them at the same time. 

You can do both! They can be icebreaker questions and get your audience to start interacting with you frequently. 

Easy questions, where you already give them the answers to choose, is fun, and can bring more people to play with you and enjoy the content on your Instagram stories.

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